What does comprehensive treatment mean?

As the name suggests, comprehensive treatment may involve the coordinated care of an oral surgeon, a periodontitis or gum specialist, or a general dentist to achieve an ideal bite and smile. The typical duration of comprehensive treatment is one to two years, depending on the complexity of the bite and the desired objectives. A treatment plan is a documented plan that describes the patient's condition and the procedures that will be needed, detailing the treatment that will be provided, the expected outcome, and the expected duration of treatment prescribed by the health professional. The comprehensive evaluation means that the case manager collects relevant social, psychological, medical and level of care information and is used as the basis for the development of the consumer service plan.

A comprehensive plan means a land use map and a generalized and coordinated policy statement from the local government body that interrelates all functional and natural systems and activities related to land use, including, but not limited to, sewage and water systems, transportation systems, educational facilities, recreational facilities, and natural resource management programs and air and water quality. By pretreatment coating we mean a coating that contains no more than 12% of solids by weight and at least 0.5% of acid by weight, which is used to etch the surface and is applied directly to metal surfaces to provide corrosion resistance, adhesion and ease of removal. Active treatment means the implementation of an individualized care plan developed and supervised by a doctor and other qualified mental health professionals who prescribe specific therapies and activities. Orthodontic treatment can be used for many different cases, whether it's an underbite, an overbite, or a general misalignment of the tooth structure.

Most traditional orthodontic treatments are planned with the lower incisor in mind, since the position of the lower incisor has the most limitations. I have always argued that, in the most complex cases, working with a specialist or a team of specialists will allow both the dentist (general practitioner or prosthodontist) and the patient to receive the best possible treatment. Treatment plant means the onshore plant to be built by the joint ventures for the liquefaction and treatment of natural gas and condensate, as contemplated in the recitals of this Agreement. Your dentist may need to use orthodontic treatment to extend your teeth so that there is enough space for tooth replacement.

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment refers to the traditional treatment with orthodontic appliances that many people undergo once all their permanent teeth have come out.