Do orthodontists enjoy their job?

Orthodontists rate your happiness above average. Job satisfaction studies among orthodontists are very important because most of their patients are children and adolescents who need very focused orthodontic treatment to solve their bite problems, speech problems, protruding teeth, crowded front teeth and the ability to chew and digest food properly, in addition to improving their facial symmetry and aesthetics. That's why the American Association of Orthodontists suggests that children be screened and evaluated at age 7 for problems at an early age. Of the total population (1200) in this study, 161 orthodontists of both sexes responded to the survey, representing a percentage of 13.4%.

The main objective of the present study was to investigate the level of job satisfaction among professional orthodontists in relation to some important intrinsic and extrinsic factors that generally affect their performance. The results of the present research focused on the levels of satisfaction among orthodontists in relation to staff and support facilities, income, professional relationships, professional time, and overall professional satisfaction. That's great news for current and future orthodontists, and the positive job outlook for orthodontists reflects the continued need for their services to help patients achieve better oral health. Therefore, it is suggested that research be carried out to explore the relationship between job satisfaction and occupational stress of orthodontists working at KSA, as well as to compare the results of the orthodontic specialty with different dental specialties.

The analysis of the results presented in Table 8 indicated that 85.1% of orthodontists believed that their patients considered long-term orthodontic treatment to be a major problem. A total of 161 orthodontists from a population of 1,200 active orthodontists responded to the survey, with a response rate of 13.4%. Between the possible six-figure salary, the opportunity to open your own office, the increase in job offers in the coming years and the options to help your student, orthodontist job prospects are promising. In terms of overall satisfaction, most orthodontists (80.7%) were satisfied with orthodontics as a profession, regardless of gender.

Orthodontists' work efficiency can be significantly improved by saving them too much paperwork and ensuring that their patients arrive on time. The results of the present research will not only highlight the important intrinsic and extrinsic factors that influence the performance of orthodontists, but will also help improve overall performance in the field of orthodontics. All of these findings show that orthodontists are generally the busiest professionals in the dental health care community. If you can earn the average annual orthodontist salary within a few years of graduating from dental school, you could pay off your debts faster than people in other professions.

The survey was not limited to one area of Saudi Arabia; it was sent by email and completed by orthodontists working in different regions of the Kingdom.